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06TH MAY 2016

Cardiff Event & Portfolio

We recently attended an event in Cardiff Bay. designdough invited us to their studio in Cardiff Bay to celebrate 10 years in business. They recently had a batch of printed portfolio booklets which we were featured in.

Printed Portfolio

We posted a couple of weeks ago about designdough’s new website and rebrand. To go along with their online portfolio, printed copies were delivered to their studio before the event and we had a couple of copies to bring back with us. We have a four-page feature in the booklet which can be seen in the images below. To read our original blog post about designdough’s new website and rebrand, please click here.

Cardiff Event & Portfolio

About Trade Canvas Print

This image displays the first double-page spread about Trade Canvas Print, our website and the rebrand. This includes a bit of background information on our company and the project itself. It also shows the site displayed in a web browser on MacBook Pro.

Cardiff Event & Portfolio

Website Shots & Quote

This double-page spread features more shots of the website as well as some of the product and studio photography we have used, beautifully displayed in the booklet. There is also a quote from our managing director about the finished product and our experience with designdough.

Cardiff Event & Portfolio

Studio Entrance

This shows designdough’s studio entrance – a shot captured from the event Friday evening. We had a great time seeing the whole team and meeting other designdough clients. Loving the new signage!

Cardiff Event & Portfolio

Signing Canvas

We wanted to send a signing canvas up to designdough for the event. Paired with some metallic markers, clients were able to leave messages congratulating the ten years of business.

Cardiff Event & Portfolio

Studio Shot

The studio was the perfect location for the event with a typographic ’10’ painted on the wall to mark the milestone! [Check out the pic-n-mix counter in the corner!]Cardiff Event & Portfolio

CodeWorks Photo Booth

A fantastic photo booth was the perfect addition to the evening by CodeWorks. A clever use of iMac, software and props for some very funny memories!

Cardiff Event & Portfolio

Thanks for Reading

Congratulations again to designdough on ten years and inviting us to the party! We hope you have a great weekend!