Award Nominee

29TH JUN 2018

Doing Our Bit

Reducing waste and sustainably sourcing materials is important to us. Here at Trade Canvas Print we have a number of things in place to reduce our carbon footprint and waste as well as choosing responsible suppliers who are FSC certified.

Responsible Suppliers

With a large number of products leaving us on a daily basis we are conscious of where we source our materials from. All of our moulding and stretcher bars for the canvas frames are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified along with our paper stock. FSC’s slogan is ‘Forests For All Forever’ and they focus on:

  • Protecting and maintaining natural communities and high conservation value forests.
  • Respecting the rights of workers, communities and indigenous peoples.
  • Building markets, adding best value, and creating equitable access to benefits.

We use a range of fixed frames (20mm Canvas) and stretcher bar frames (38mm Canvas). Our fixed frames are cut and assembled here at the studio making most efficient use of the 3m lengths of moulding. Our stretcher bars are bi-products of European window manufacturing which means that they are a recycled material to begin with whilst maintaining the highest quality available.

Reducing Waste

Our order processing tiles up images onto the different materials we use at the studio to minimise waste from the beginning. We use large lengths of moulding so that when we produce our frames we use as much of the wood as possible when cutting the bars. Our packaging process ensures that products get to you safely as well as boxing multiple products in single packages for efficiency.

Recycling Materials

We have recycling facilities who collect waste from us on a regular basis. This is split into cardboard, paper and mixed recycling and ensures that a vast majority of our production bi-products are repurposed and are not sent to landfill. We even recycle the pallets that deliveries arrive on as well as the offcuts of wood moulding!

Carbon Neutral Courier

We ship using DPD, who are a carbon neutral courier. This means they offset their carbon footprint with renewable energy and work to reduce carbon emissions with their deliveries. DPD use industry-leading tracking services and the driver routes are calculated to be as efficient as possible. To find out more about this, watch DPD’s video here:

Environmental Impact

We are continually looking to develop and improve our products and services as well as reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact. This is something that we work on every day at the studio and we will strive to continue this for years to come to ensure your products are manufactured in the most efficient manner with as little waste as possible. Thanks for reading and have a great day!